AI CONTROLLER is a company whose object of activity of the Management System are the installation and maintenance of fire-fighting installations.

The Management of AI CONTROLLER is aware of the continuous evolution of market demands and the importance of providing its customers with services that meet their needs and expectations, which is increasingly demanded by society. That is why AI CONTROLLER has implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

The main objectives for the company are to carry out a service focused on the client and focused on their needs, since it is the axis and engine of the company.

Consequently, to guarantee this objective, the following basic principles of action have been established:

Identify the requirements and expectations of our clients before performing the service, knowing in this way their needs and problems, defining their requirements and thus achieve greater satisfaction of these.

Promote the participatory spirit among the people, departments and areas of activity of the company, facilitating personal and professional development through teamwork and the correct formation of each of them.

Establish as priority the safety criteria of people and goods, the prevention of occupational risks, occupational health and compliance with the applicable legislation.

Perform an environmental management based on the principles of pollution prevention, adopting the necessary and economically viable measures for this, and in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations and other environmental requirements that the company itself subscribes.

With all these commitments AI CONTROLLER tries to anticipate the expectations of its customers, trying to prevent, instead of correcting, the possible non-conformities that arise in the development of the company’s own activities. In this way, it is intended to guide the organization and control towards the reduction, elimination and prevention of the deficiencies that may arise, and contribute to the improvement of their performance, productivity and profitability of processes and services.

We will analyze and make a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System of our company, periodically reviewing the Policy and the objectives that derive from it, since it provides the frame of reference to establish them. For a practical implementation and effective monitoring of this Policy, Management makes available to staff all necessary means, maintaining a continuous monitoring of compliance with the guidelines, objectives and goals established and conducting an annual review of the Quality Management System , in order to detect weak points and establish the necessary actions.

Both the System and the commitments established in this Policy will be communicated to each and every one of the people who work in the company, including the collaborators with whom they work.

The business philosophy that AI CONTROLLER has been developed around some fundamental values. Among them is integrity, security, honesty, trust, professionalism and environmental commitment. Taking into account the economic, social and environmental impact of our activity, our business practices comply with the business ethics and we position ourselves against bribery and corruption in business. All our activities are in accordance with the Commercial Law and we are committed to the guiding principles of the Human Rights of the United Nations