AI-CONTROLLER, company accredited as Contractor and Subcontractor of the Construction Sector with registration number REA 01410010682.AI-CONTROLLER is one of the first INSTALLING companies in Spain with EXCLUSIVE specialization in RETAIL, integrated by one of the most relevant engineering teams from the country. This makes us capable of facing unique and highly complex works in facilities, this together with our desire to excel, the possibility of being able to offer our customers the satisfaction of a job well done, constant improvement and knowledge in continuous updating of the applicable regulations, makes us one of the largest Installers in this sector.AI-Controller is a multidisciplinary Installer, which has in its team professionals who are specialists in the different possible Facilities: Electricity, Telecommunications, Control, Centralized Management, Air conditioning, Ventilation, Industrial Cold, Fire Protection, Plumbing, DHW Production and Sanitation. Our policy of NO subcontracting allows us to offer the client the maximum quality in execution and unbeatable results in addition to a completely controlled execution in Times. We offer facilities execution services exclusively to construction companies that run commercial spaces, gym chains, health centers, supermarkets, large logistics platforms and, ultimately, the RETAIL sector. Recognize the importance of quality and deadlines for this type of works in the RETAIL sector, we put at the service of the client a team of professionals who will attend to the quality compliance in finishes and completion during the construction phase and ensuring the delivery date of the commercial premises. Conceived from its origin as a consultant of Engineering oriented to the writing of Technical Projects, Management ofWork and Project Management, AI-CONTROLLER allows to offer the client a full security in the capacities of Execution of Installations and Civil, contributing solutions to problems in Work as no other Installer would do it. All execution of work that AI-CONTROLLER carries out As a subcontractor, it incorporates, for greater security of the same and better results, its team of Engineers, who visit each of the Works providing supervision on the works of the Dept. of Execution, supervision at the level of Work Audit, with the The sole purpose of satisfying the highest demands of the client and ensuring unrivaled project quality. The Installer, through the FACILITIES product, also offers comprehensive management of the premises or commercial premises, guaranteeing the maintenance and prevention of the equipment and systems.