We offer our clients a quality and execution time that this type of work requires, executing without any subcontracting and totally with qualified personnel all the existing installations: electricity, telecommunications, air conditioning, water, sanitation, solar energy, fire and gas. We take care of every detail, offering a quality in the execution and in the development of the work thanks to the continuous support of our engineering department, which will supervise and optimize the result of the final project. We accompany our clients from the definition and design phase to the execution of all the facilities that define the work, always acting as subcontractors of the main construction companies.

We know the importance of the execution terms of the RETAIL projects, making available to the a team of professionals who will attend to the completion of quality in finishes and completion during construction to ensure the delivery date and committed to the client.

Thanks to having an important technical department of Engineering and Design, we can offer the client a continuous update of the technical project, minimizing risks and providing security and guarantee for execution. The Consulting Area, with a broad and multidisciplinary team of technicians made up of architects, engineers, surveyors and designers, specialized in the different areas of the building process, AICONTROLLER offers a important value adido in the form of quality of the final customer’s product, resulting in the guarantee of success for your project. All this as a result of a perfect symbiosis between the different areas of the building process.

The Construction Area, constituted by professionals with a long professional life in construction works, with a maximum specialization in RETAIL, makes us your best alternative if you do not want take construction risks. Supported from the Engineering Area, the standards required of the Construction Area are maximum, continuously monitoring the work performed and providing solutions when the client requires it.

Since its inception AI-CONTROLLER has pursued the satisfaction of needs and the requirements of their clients. In order to achieve this commitment, the contribution and participation of the company’s personnel, their knowledge and understanding, their awareness towards excellence in the compliance of the service, in the satisfaction of our clients, in the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the System of Management and in the achievement of the objectives and goals proposed.

We have a team widely prepared in various disciplines and departments, to manage projects that demand custom equipment, both in its design as assembly or fabrication.

We solve the different space problems in order to make the most of those gaps in the environment and Make the most of the qualities of your place, so that it adapts to your needs and style.

For this, we have the trained staff and extensive experience in the different areas of the design and manufacturing process. We undertake both the integral and customized design from any location such as the remodeling and treatment of spaces.


 Retail Specialists. Specialists in Commercial Spaces



  • Monday a Thursday: 9am a 2 pm – 4pm a 7 pm
  • Friday: 9am a 2 pm
  • Maintenance Support: 24h 7 days

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